Tradition has more value

Baú Farm, for 30 years is known in the national and international Market as a company that makes strategic changes on the name and brand, now it´s named Baú. See the video. Our origin and values (reliability, tradition, transparency, professionalism, respect and modernity) are the base of this repositioning in the market, as we are in continuous evolution, developing day by day a better system of quality management to attend competently our partners who chose Baú.

Baú is formed by a group of farms (Baú Farm, São João Farm, Vitória Farm, Gigante Farm), so making it clear the productive power of our Company.






Rua Afonso Gomes – Nº 100 - Distrito Industrial 1
CEP 38706-704 - Patos de Minas - MG
+55 (34) 3818.5700